Images from NARAM44

August 6, 2002

Excel-Plus with J350 Aerotech motor.

My level 1 and 2 certification rocket has had it's final flight.  The ejection charge failed to fire and the vehicle impacted in a Texas pasture.  The flight was on Monday but I was unable to find it that day.  Tuesday morning I was out at daybreak and used a GPS to extend the probable impact zone.  I also reasoned that first thing in the morning would be slightly cooler.  I managed to find it after about 45 minutes of searching.  The impact point was .47 miles from the launch pad.

After recovery the casing was found to be intact with a lot of other components.  There were 2 cans of diet coke aboard that were destroyed on impact.  I'm really amazed at the fragmentation effect as shown below.