Master Bedroom.  The window on the left will need to go.  This wall faces east and looks out at the neighbors garage.  I think we will replace the window with a long skinny one that would go above our headboard.  Our king bed will take up more room than this queen but it will fit.  There are two closets on the left and another window that looks south toward the airstrip on the right just out of the picture.  The wall behind us is wallpapers in a subtle pink rose pattern.  The master bath door is also on the right close to the window - very similar to the location of our current master bath.  This room is a couple of feet wider and longer than our current bedroom. 13' x 16'

There are two more bedrooms that are both bigger than our current spare bedrooms.  The one below is the back bedroom that is 11' x 13'.  This one has 2 windows, one to the north and one to the east.  The other bedroom only has one window to the north and is 11' x 12'.

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