Back, backyard - This is the way back part of the yard and actually part of the airstrip too.  The lot is 200 feet deep and the front yard is not very deep.  Lots of room for a garden railroad, croquet, a garden, and a path for the plane to make it to the hangar.  It is just under a half acre and the airstrip is an additional 4.5 acres.  Of course we can't build on the airstrip but our deed includes an easement for the use of the airstrip too. 

It looks like the drain field is actually on our neighbors lot.  I thought this was weird until I saw a copy of the deed.  Our next door neighbor used to own this lot.  The people we are buying from bought it from him. Hopefully that means that we will be able to build on to the existing hangar.

The thing off to the right is the corner of a raised bed.  There are a couple of these and one even has a few grape vines and an arbor.  This is looking west.


This is the yard and the air strip to the east.

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